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ImageShack Hotspot is another way of uploading your pictures
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ImageShack Hotspot is another way of uploading your pictures. The developer of this application didn't like how complicated it was to upload images to ImageShack's service, so he decided to take his coding skills for a test and write his own application for the task. ImageShack Hotspot will place an orange frog on your desktop. The frog is always on top and is somewhat transparent, so that it won't bother you when you're not uploading pictures. When you right click the frog, you are shown a user menu, which will allow you, among other things, to upload pictures, play with the settings or even go through the previously sent items. When you upload a picture using ImageShack Hotspot, the picture will go to ImageShack's service and you will get a couple of URLs in return. You then can use those URLs to link up your picture on your website or share it with your friends. I would have certainly liked more a tray icon that I could access the service from, but I guess using ImageShack's frog made sense.

José Fernández
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  • Annoying when used in long intervals
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